Since RODDEEDED has been operated by the same family for more than decades,
franchising is applied as it helps encourage business growth and disseminate culinary know-now
on beef that has been passed down from generations to generations.


Over 50 years in the industry with outstanding fame and awesome flavour,
the franchising helps build skills for those who are interested in starting a noodle restaurant
and benefit them. Although you start running a restaurant from the scratch,
you will be equipped with our latest cooking innovations we invented.


Every tips and technique in our renowned noodle restaurant ranging from soup braised beef,
as well as the relevant cooking procedure, will be yours. This also includes restaurant management,
such as accounting, inventory stocking and so forth.


We are expecting to expand our branches to 50 in Thailand. Once registering and
becoming part of our success, you will learn what the latest trend in Thailand’s noodle industry is.
This innovation, we believe, would make a transformation in the industry. The procedure will be conducted
systematically by beginning with appropriateness and readiness assessment of those interested.
Additionally, we are planning to expand our business into foreign markets,
namely the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and America.


RODDEEDED is not just about home-cooked noodles, but about its care, passion and attention to ingredients and preparation.

Interested in our franchise