Apart from noodles, we also have Beef or Pork Hot Pot. Customers have a choice of either beef or pork meatballs, braised beef/pork, beef/pork tendon and vegetables. For beef lovers, you can order sliced beef, Wagyu, Rib eye, Short rib, Super, Paleron, Chuck and Sirloin.

     Actually Hot Pot and Suki are somewhat the same, but, Rod Dee Ded hot pot is different from the typical hot pot. We have our own way of poaching the beef to make it tender and keep it moist.



     Put 4 - 5 pieces of raw beef into the bowl and carefully pour the soup into the bowl (half-scoop only), but, not directly on the beef. Gently stir the soup and the beef for a while in order to let the beef absorb the heat. This will allow the temperature of the soup and beef to balance with each other. Leave it for a moment, then gently stir again 2 - 3 times. The beef will be tender and juicy. Once you put it into the hot pot, the fat will melt in the soup. Surely, you can feel the real taste of beef. For those customers who don't want to waste your time in doing this, we can do it for you.